Posted: 18.04.2024 16:44:43

Minsk City Executive Committee revealed number of Minsk residents regularly engaged in sports and physical culture

At a meeting on the organisation of physical culture and recreation work with the population, the Head of the Main Department of Sports and Tourism of the Minsk City Executive Committee, Maksim Voropai, stated that more than 29 per cent of Minsk residents regularly engage in physical culture and sports, BelTA reports

In 2022, 26.8 per cent of Minsk residents were regularly engaged in sports, and in 2021 – 25.4 per cent. According to the Minsk City Executive Committee, it is possible to attract the population to physical culture through modern and interesting mass sports events with the combined efforts of various committees and departments.

Data on sports and mass activities carried out by the capital's physical culture and recreation centres at the place of residence were also provided. So, in nine of them, there are 667 groups, in which more than 9,000 people are engaged, about 5,800 of them are children and teenagers.

“In total, there are 3,890 sports and recreation facilities in Minsk: 45 stadiums, 736 gyms, 1,103 adapted rooms for physical culture and sports, 5 sports tracks, 259 swimming pools, and 1,220 flat sporting facilities. The material and sports base is being strengthened annually, major and ongoing repairs of existing sports facilities are being carried out, new ones are being built,” the publication reads.

Maksim Voropai also paid attention to the development of cycling infrastructure and sports grounds in the yards of Minsk. In 2024, the Minsk City Executive Committee plans to equip 17 bicycle parking lots, bike parks, bike sheds, and other bicycle storage facilities, to restore more than 19km of bike paths, to renovate 11 complex sports grounds, and repair 44 sports grounds in the yard territories. The total length of bike paths in the capital reaches 294km. This number includes a 27km mainline bike path and separate or combined pedestrian and bicycle paths.