Posted: 22.08.2023 09:36:00

Metropolitan Veniamin: we are concerned about activities aimed at destroying people’s self-consciousness

Hiding behind the slogans of democracy and human rights, the West encourages the modern Nazi regime, and the humanity again faces the situation of the need to fight fascism – as stated by Metropolitan Veniamin of Minsk and Zaslavl, Patriarchal Exarch of All Belarus, at the recently held International Anti-Fascist Congress

“Unfortunately, once again we are convinced that humanity is faced with a situation of the need to fight fascism. We see that the latter already has different faces globally. Why has this happened? Why the horrors and incalculable sufferings of WWII, which brought the ideology of hatred, national and racial superiority to humanity, have been forgotten? Why has humanity not learned the most terrible lessons of history? Why are there gaps in the memory of many peoples? The answer is quite simple: this is because the modern Nazi regime is being encouraged, including in Ukraine, by artificially hiding behind the slogans of democracy and human rights. The memory is erased, and the moral principles of each person and all mankind are stolen. A monstrous global project is being implemented to reduce and decompose the world's population: this is the creation of LGBT ideology, and many other points,” Metropolitan Veniamin said.

The issue of countering these trends in the political, economic and spiritual spheres by uniting countries and peoples who are aware of this common danger is high on the agenda, and the Patriarchal Exarch stated, “We are particularly concerned about the activities aimed at destroying people’s self-consciousness, changing their mentality. This is being done subtly and imperceptibly: through the Internet, popular culture, and fashion. The ancient stereotype of thinking and behaviour, the moral image of a person are gradually being destroyed, followed by deeds and actions. Degradation of individuals and nations is observed, and nationalism and fascism are just the worst manifestations of this process. Our duty is to protect the people and the state from these destructive factors. This task is not easy. It is difficult, but quite solvable. However, this cannot be done alone, in a separate country.”

According to Metropolitan Veniamin, all countries and peoples need to unite in the fight against this danger. At the same time, special attention should be paid to patriotic education of the population.