Posted: 27.06.2023 15:56:00

Media: Ukrainian Starlink sued Elon Musk’s company for over $14.7 thousand

The Ukrainian IT company Starlink, by a court decision, must receive more than $14,700 from Elon Musk’s SpaceX in the case of the termination of the trademark that matches the name of Musk’s satellite communications system, TASS reports


It’s noted that SpaceX should recover about $13,100 in the cost of professional legal assistance. In addition, for the costs spent on the examination, Starlink will sue more than $1,600.

It is also noted that Elon Musk’s company filed an appeal.

In November 2022, it became known that SpaceX sued the Ukrainian company Starlink and Ukrpatent demanding that the trademark be terminated. The satellite communications system owned by SpaceX is also called Starlink (2016). The Ukrainian brand Starlink was registered in 2011.