Posted: 22.04.2024 12:06:00

Lukashenko: what was the main subject of Western criticism not so long ago produces the result now

The result is being produced now in Belarus by the points that were the focus of criticism in the West not so long ago – as stated by President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko at his today’s meeting with the Governor of the Arkhangelsk Region of Russia, Alexander Tsybulsky


The Head of State said, “As for our country, surprisingly, the points that were the focus of Western criticism just not so long ago are producing the result now. Through serious efforts, Belarus has preserved all the key sectors of the economy that determine the domestic specialisation. We are developing a production base on our own platform. Agriculture is constantly being modernised, but – importantly – we have people and a scientific potential in the sectors that are of a priority for us.”

The President stressed that Belarus has seriously analysed the joint opportunities.