Posted: 24.04.2022 11:30:00

Lukashenko took part in Easter service in Kopys

Aleksandr Lukashenko took part in the Easter service in the Transfiguration Church in Kopys, Orsha District, lighting an Easter candle, congratulating the parishioners on the holiday and calling it the kindest and most desirable


“This holiday has always given people hope, hope for justice and happiness,” noted the President of Belarus. “Hope still lives in our hearts, in every person – not only in Belarus. As people say, a person will not always live in hope but there is definitely no happiness without hope.”

Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed that we could always compare this great holiday only with the secular holiday of Victory Day, “It’s equivalent to that. Although the Metropolitan always tells me that without God there would be no Victory. Nevertheless, these two great holidays are always in the soul, always in the heart of our people. It is customary to celebrate this bright holiday in the circle of relatives and friends. This is the reason that I came today to this holy native land, where I was born and where many times (it was fashionable and, probably, interesting) the boys and I came to the church that stood on this place and looked at our mothers who came here to celebrate this bright holiday.”

Aleksandr Lukashenko donated an icon to the church while the clergy presented the Head of State with a festive souvenir: Easter eggs made of glass.

Unlike the Christmas holidays, on Easter the President usually visits small churches located, as a rule, outside the capital.