Posted: 21.07.2023 19:10:00

Lukashenko to appoint Agriculture and Food Minister Igor Brylo as President’s Aide for Vitebsk Region

The President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, will appoint the current Head of the Agriculture and Food Ministry Igor Brylo as President’s Aide for the Vitebsk Region. This was announced at a major conference call on the harvesting campaign, BelTA reports.


The Head of State took a detailed interest in the state of affairs in the Vitebsk Region.

“We will enter active harvesting in about a week and a half. At the moment, we only have 24 harvesters out of order. The deadline for their commissioning will be July 24th,” Vitebsk Region Governor Aleksandr Subbotin reported.

“I’m warning you: a technical inspection is evidence that the harvesters and other equipment are in good working order. Everything else is not accepted,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

Aleksandr Subbotin informed that 78 percent of all harvesters received technical inspection. In half of the cases, harvesters are not allowed to work due to overdue leasing.

“We are now actively supplementing these payments, paying and will also launch them. Until July 26th, before the start of mass harvesting, all harvesters will be inspected,” he explained.

The President stressed that the Agriculture and Food Minister is personally responsible for this as he is now responsible for the Vitebsk Region. Information was announced that the current head of the Agriculture and Food Ministry is moving to the post of the President’s Aide for the Vitebsk Region.

“So, from this harvesting campaign, the Agriculture and Food Minister is the President’s Aide for the Vitebsk Region. You should report me weekly on the situation in the Vitebsk Region. It seems that they forgot there how to work and are waiting for something. They have some hope that someone will come, bring money and something else,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said. “You know our approaches there. This should be implemented. Together with Subbotin, you are responsible for this.”

The President also instructed to promptly select a candidate for a new minister, “Roman Aleksandrovich [Belarus’ PM Roman Golovchenko], determine with a candidate to the position of the Agriculture and Food Minister and report next week. We cannot harvest bread when there is no one responsible for it.”

Addressing Governor Aleksandr Subbotin during the meeting, the President said, “I would like you to accept a new aide, but you won’t have a quiet life. You understand that I’m not sending Brylo into exile, but so that we still put the Vitebsk Region on its feet. He knows what to do, and he will have direct contacts with all those with whom he works today on an equal footing: ministers, members of the Government. Although you are a person who has also worked in the Government for quite some time.”

“But keep in mind that neither Isachenko, nor Krupko, nor you [governors of the Mogilev, Gomel and Vitebsk regions] have nowhere to retreat. That’s it! There is nowhere to retreat! Eastern regions should give progress. They should develop and show normal dynamics,” the Belarusian leader summed up.