Posted: 11.11.2022 18:13:00

Lukashenko paid unscheduled visit to woodworking enterprise in Kokhanovo

The President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, has paid an unscheduled visit to the StroyMonolit woodworking enterprise in Kokhanovo, which is implementing a project to produce components for modern wooden housing construction. Innovative approaches enable the company to build such houses up to eight floors high.


The company also plans to build wooden houses, as well as to construct a pellet factory in order to effectively use waste from the main production. The project is promising, and therefore aroused special interest of the Head of State.

During his visit to Amkodor-KEZ JSC, Aleksandr Lukashenko drew attention to the demand for the project, including in terms of export potential. With a relatively small investment, it is possible to get a good return. However, the implementation of the project is still only at the initial stage. There are production facilities where equipment will be installed and production will be launched, everything is planned. However, there is a need for relatively small financial support. The President promised to consider the issue and find opportunities to support the business initiative in one way or another.

“You’ve done well by taking these premises, put them into order and even establishing production! We will help,” the Head of State noted in a conversation with the head of the enterprise.