Posted: 28.05.2024 16:52:00

Lukashenko on why he did not become journalist

President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko, answering questions from participants of the Media Community Forum held today in Mogilev, shed light on why he had not become a journalist


As it followed from the question of a forum participants, the Head of State once wanted to become a journalist and even brought his articles to the Shklov district newspaper, passing 15km on foot in winter. “What did you write then, and what would you write about today?" she asked.

“Firstly, those were not articles. It was worse: I brought my poems. As far as a remember, it [the newspaper] was headed by Leonid Antipenko then. He looked at them and said: ‘Well, what kind of poems are these? It is prose in verse’. So I went 15km back, I was so offended. It seemed to me that my poems were so good, that they were perfect. I thought if there had been a young reporter movement in those days, I would definitely have become a journalist,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

The President admitted that he would not be able to write poetry at present, “There are enough topics now, and I have experience. But I would not write poetry, as my thoughts are concentrated on other problems. Therefore, everything must be done on time.”

Answering the question of what he would write about today if he did become a journalist, Aleksandr Lukashenko noted, “About everything that surrounds us, and what benefits people. I would definitely criticise the flaws. I ask you very much that you do not put up with shortcomings. However, you should do this very carefully. It is not a problem to pour mud on someone and on yourself, but this is being done without us. Why should we also throw mud at ourselves? We need to protect our country, ensure that it stands ground, preserve its sovereignty and independence. This is the key point.”

According to the President, all the priorities in the work of the media that he has announced today, and what the forum participants added need to be met. “For journalists and journalism to be better, we need to do what we have talked about here today,” he stated.