Posted: 28.01.2022 16:08:00

Lukashenko named conditions for restoring normal relations with West

During the annual Address to the Belarusian People and National Assembly, the President said that he currently receives a lot of signals from Poland, Lithuania, and the USA with proposals to build relations


“There is only one answer: let’s build. But they need to save face. We’ll help you save your face if you want to co-operate with us truly, democratically, without violating our sovereignty and independence, without putting the question to us: ‘Are you with Russia or against it?’ We are always with Russia! Because Belarus does not have that group of people or that person who can curtail our relations with Russia. We will always build mutually beneficial, fraternal and warmest relations with this country. Russia needs Belarus as much as we need Russia. Russia is our Russia. This is a huge country. Therefore, we will always have enough work in Russia. It is necessary to bind the peoples so that no one will ever tear them apart. This is our civilisation, it shouldn’t be buried, because the whole world will collapse under the rubble. The West should take it for granted.”

Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed once again that Belarus is ready to build normal relations with the West, “Is it normal that Lithuania (1.5 million people left out of 4 million during the Soviet times) opened a war with China? What for? Why are you fighting with Belarusians? Why don’t you let our goods into the port? You are simply leading towards war: today – towards economic war, tomorrow – towards hot war. So your own people will not support you. You will ruin the port economy, there will be no one to load the cargo. We will now agree with Russia and will ship all cargo in Russian ports. The transport will stop. We will not let your exports through Belarus, you will forget this road. We’ll agree with Russia, and you won’t get on other roads either. Why are you doing it? Let’s get back to normal co-operation. There will be no winners in this war. Lithuania will definitely not be the winner in the economic war with Belarus. Therefore, save your face while you can. We will try to turn this page and continue this interaction.”