Posted: 27.05.2024 12:34:00

Lukashenko hopes Altai Krai Governor’s visit to Belarus will help overcome lag in mutual trade

The President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, has held a meeting with the Governor of Russia’s Altai Krai, Viktor Tomenko


The Head of State warmly welcomed a very representative delegation of the Altai Krai in Minsk, noting that this region is very close to Belarusians in spirit. “It is rightfully considered the breadbasket of Siberia, one of the largest agricultural regions of Russia. In terms of the volume of ground grain, primarily high-quality wheat, you are among the top ten regions of Russia – not to mention buckwheat: you were a recognised leader last year, harvesting almost one million tonnes,” he said.

The President called on Belarus’ Agriculture and Food Minister, Sergei Bartosh, to pay attention to that, “If we need good buckwheat, that's where we can buy it.”

According to Aleksandr Lukashenko, Belarus is actually a native country for the Altai Krai Governor, as his mother was born near Mozyr. “You visited the village of your forefathers and spent time with relatives yesterday. This is very important and inspiring, and at least makes spirits up,” the Head of State stressed.

As for the significance of the visit itself, Aleksandr Lukashenko noted, “I hope it will help overcome some lag in mutual trade and become a starting point for the activation of old and the creation of new partnerships.”