Posted: 01.08.2023 12:03:00

Lukashenko doesn’t believe that nuclear weapons stationed in Belarus will have to be used

During a conversation with residents of the agro-town of Belovezhsky, in the Kamenets District, the President of Belarus said that he hopes the nuclear weapons deployed in Belarus will not have to be used

“We are peaceful people. We fought enough in our history... I don’t want my people, especially in my presidency, to fight. You see what is happening at our neighbours. These people are close to us, they aren’t strangers, many have their relatives there and here. It’s terrible. We draw conclusions from this, and the lessons for us are very serious. But I want you to understand: we are not sabre-rattling, but are preparing to defend our country at any moment.”

At the same time, the Head of State pointed out that the security of Belarus is ensured with the support of Russia, “I must say that today I cannot make any claims and take offense at the Russian Federation, at the President of Russia, that they did not respond to my requests, even the most serious ones. I mean nuclear weapons.”

Aleksandr Lukashenko made an important clarification, “You must understand that nuclear weapons are security. No one has ever attacked a nuclear country. We have a nuclear power plant. I must tell you that this is a very strong safety factor. If it explodes, God forbid, the situation will be much worse, including in the West. It’s necessary to be very careful with this issue.”

As far as tactical nuclear weapons are concerned, the President said that they have already been delivered and dispersed throughout Belarus, “This is our safety factor. God forbid we have to use these weapons. I still hope this won’t happen. But everyone should understand that they shouldn’t interfere with us ... We have demarcated our borders, we have agreed with the Poles, Lithuanians, Latvians. We do not climb into anyone’s territory, but please do not interfere with us either. We will secure ourselves and our safety with the help of our friends.”