Posted: 05.11.2021 11:34:00

Lukashenko: decisions made should give practical effect

Aleksandr Lukashenko believes it’s necessary to bring co-operation between public administration bodies to a new level, instruct them to address issues of bilateral relations as a matter of priority, while taking into account mutual interests


Speaking at the meeting of the Supreme State Council of the Union State, the President noted, “At the same time, I want to warn governments against delving much into theory. We should see the practical effect of the decisions made virtually tomorrow. We are primarily talking about implementation of major joint projects. We already have positive examples – such as projects in the field of nuclear energy and space exploration.”

According to the President of Belarus, there are substantive agreements on other promising areas of joint work, “These include a project on manned cosmonautics and development of a new ultra-high-resolution Earth sensing satellite. In the field of microelectronics, we have agreed to comprehensively work over design and production of electronic components.”

Aleksandr Lukashenko asked the Standing Committee of the Union State and personally its Head, Dmitry Mezentsev, to take these issues under special control, “All agreements reached by the presidents in such important promising areas should be formalised through relevant decisions of the Union State bodies.”

The President of Belarus is convinced that the decisions made during the meeting reaffirm that there is a huge potential for further development of the Union State. “Much work is ahead but I’m convinced all that we have planned will be implemented in full for the benefit of our countries and peoples – which corresponds to the Union State goals and principles,” he stressed.