Posted: 24.04.2022 14:05:00

Lukashenko: Belarusians have one happiness – we must preserve our land

During the Easter service in the Transfiguration Church in Kopys, Orsha District, the Belarusian Head of State addressed the people of our country


Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed, “I want to tell Belarusians: actually, we have one happiness – we need to preserve our land. Therefore, in this church, addressing my compatriots, Belarusians, I want to ask them, or, if you like, to demand, as the President: take care of Belarus. If you lose your land, you will have neither health nor happiness. You will have no money, no salt, and there will be no children.”

The Head of State noted that not everyone understands this, “It’s a big job to take care of Belarus. We all understand when we lose something in our small home. This is a big house. So, remember: if there isn’t this big house, there wouldn’t be your small house either. If we kneel, then our Orthodox churches will not exist, as it has always been in the history of our country.”

The President reminded the parishioners that Christ sacrificed himself in the name of the people, “This is a great school for us. We must learn to sacrifice in the name of the main thing for us: in the name of people. I would ask you to always appreciate those who sacrifice themselves, as we appreciate Him. Unfortunately, there are not so many people among us who know how to sacrifice not only themselves, but also their own. But there are more and more of them. If we appreciate these people, there will be many of them, at least enough of them. Therefore, we must appreciate, love and respect them. This is a philosophy of life.”