Posted: 29.05.2024 11:32:00

Lukashenko at Legmash: your products will ever be in demand in Belarus and abroad

President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko has outlined a number of tasks for the Orsha Legmash plant


“Our talk should be short but frank. We have started working very seriously at Orsha’s Legmash, but I cannot say that I am fully satisfied with your present work – that is why I have arrived. Let's agree with you that I will not have any questions to you. We have invested huge sums to ensure that you do not return to the production of sewing machines. Actually, you will not do this. I earlier said that we had lost this production for nothing. That was a very necessary and useful production, but we lost it. I am doing everything now to restore scientific, high-performance and profitable production here, and I am primarily speaking about the production of goods for the military-industrial complex. The products of your company will always be in demand in our country and abroad, and this is especially relevant now. The world has gone mad, it is immersed into wars and conflicts, but you are not demonstrating even the minimum indicators yet. I really hope that, after our meeting today and the ministers’ reports, we will accelerate this production and will fulfil our contractual obligations, first of all to Russia,” the Head of State said.

The President stressed that a serious task had been set for Legmash, “You used to make products for civilian needs, reaching good results in this field last year. The military and the military-industrial complex then came and proposed their own products. This is a very promising area. Actually, oil and gas workers can refuse your products, but the world will not refuse these goods [for military purposes]. At the same time, we will not allow you to ruin what you could do and what you exported. Therefore, the task has been set not just to restore 100, but even 120 percent of your civilian production, and also to do what I have instructed you [through the military-industrial complex]. This creates huge prospects for the company.”