Posted: 22.02.2024 17:59:23

Kretsky: 4bn cubic metres of gas replaced annually due to BelNPP commissioning

Today, Belarus consumes around 3.2m tonnes of conventional fuel of local energy resources, enabling us to replace about 3m cubic metres of natural gas annually – as noted by Vitaly Kretsky, the Deputy Chairman of the State Committee for Standardisation – Director of the Energy Efficiency Department at its final board meeting, reports

“Due to the commissioning of the Belarusian nuclear power plant (BelNPP), about 4bn cubic metres of gas are replaced each year. In total, Belarus consumes approximately 17bn cubic metres of natural gas every year,” Vitaly Kretsky stated. 

Today, over 50 per cent of all active energy sources in Belarus operate on local resources such as wood chips, wood pellets and briquettes. In 45 districts of the country, this figure exceeds 70 per cent.

“Local energy resources are cheaper than gas, and Belarus is increasing their use annually. According to the Belarusian Ministry of Forestry, Belarus produces more timber than it uses, while Sweden and Finland use up all the timber that they grow in a year,” Vitaly Kretsky added.