Posted: 03.05.2023 17:02:00

Kochanova: we have no right to allow manifestations of fascism in Belarus, people will not forgive us

Preserving the memory of the terrible events that took place on the territory of Belarus during the Great Patriotic War has always been important for Belarusians, who keep it in their hearts and souls – as stated by Natalya Kochanova, the Chairperson of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly, following today’s meeting of the expert-advisory council

“It is now more relevant than ever, since fascism is raising its head. What seemed scary yesterday is becoming the norm of life for some people. Of course, we have no right to allow such manifestations in our country. We simply will not be forgiven by those who defended peace and freedom, those who survived that terrible tragedy and now live among us. We must do everything possible to inform on the terrible events that took place on our land, to pass this knowledge from one generation to another – so that not to repeat them in the future, so that young people understand that there is nothing more terrible than war, when their land is trampled by a German soldier, as it was at that time,” Natalya Kochanova said.

As noted by the Chairperson of the Council of the Republic, Belarusians will not be able to understand and accept how the arms race, information war and confrontation are escalating in the world. These all are not good, of course.

“We must do everything to preserve peace and tranquillity in our country,” Natalya Kochanova added. “The policy pursued by our President and state bodies is aimed at peace and harmony. We always support peaceful resolution of conflicts. Therefore, we have always honoured the memory of our ancestors who stood up for the defence of their motherland, who restored the country from the ruins with their labour. I always remember the poems that we repeated many times in our childhood: it is necessary not for the dead, but for those who are alive, it is necessary for us and for those who follow us – to prevent war on our land.”