Posted: 12.03.2024 14:26:00

Gosstandart to approve soon mechanism for awarding State Quality Mark

The mechanism for awarding the State Quality Mark will be approved in the near future – as noted by First Deputy Chairperson of the State Committee for Standardisation of the Republic of Belarus (Gosstandart) Yelena Morgunova before the department’s final board meeting

“The entire methodological and legislative framework has been formed. A resolution on the mechanism for awarding the State Quality Mark will be approved in the near future,” she explained.

According to her, enterprises are already showing great interest in the State Quality Mark.

“After the resolution enters into force, we’ll accept applications to analyse and confirm the criteria by which the award will be bestowed. These are manufacturability, innovation, environmental friendliness, and aesthetics. A comprehensive assessment will be carried out by the republican commission, headed by the PM. The order on awarding this State Quality Mark will be signed by the Head of State,” noted Yelena Morgunova.

In line with Presidential Decree No. 21, the State Quality Mark was established in Belarus, approving the appearance and description of the quality mark. It is a pentagonal shield with a stylised image of a rotated letter ‘K’ and the inscription ‘Belarus’. The five corners of the sign symbolise the quality of Belarusian goods, achieved by a combination of five production indicators: safety, environmental friendliness, innovation, manufacturability and aesthetics.

The establishment of the State Quality Mark will help improve the quality of Belarusian goods and services.