Posted: 02.10.2023 17:43:00

Ethiopia allowed air passengers to export coffee: up to 2kg per person

Tourists departing from Ethiopia are now allowed by the country’s authorities to export coffee, but no more than 2kg per person, TASS reports with reference to the Russian Embassy in Addis Ababa and Ethiopia’s customs authorities


On September 25th, the Ethiopian Government imposed a ban on exports of coffee in any form and quantity due to changes in customs legislation, but the Russian diplomatic mission informed in its official Telegram channel, “In addition to the previously posted announcement, we inform that the Ethiopian customs authorities have clarified the previous order and have given an explanation according to which passengers departing from the country can carry up to 2kg of coffee per person for personal use.”

The Ethiopian Embassy in Moscow added that the provisions dealing with commercial exports are still in force, “This is a temporary measure, and we are talking about air passengers. This does not apply to commercial exports.”

Coffee is the main export product of Ethiopia. According to the International Coffee Organisation, the African country is the leader among the countries of the continent in the field of coffee production. Ethiopia is ranked fifth in the world in this sphere, behind Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia and Indonesia.