Posted: 08.12.2022 12:13:00

Cops protest in Brussels

More than 5,000 police officers and union representatives took to the streets of Brussels to call for more security resources


The demonstration came two weeks after the death of police officer Thomas Monjoie, who was stabbed to death in Brussels while on duty.
Police officers came to the rally in civilian clothes, ‘armed’ with placards, union symbols and whistles. Security was provided by dozens of uniformed police officers.
Police officers expressed their frustration at feeling unheard by political authorities, although they are often the target of unexpected attacks. They called for more logistical materials, more human resources for security services and on the ground, as well as refinancing of the police.
Vincent Houssin, Vice President of the Police Union VSOA, said that politicians have ignored the issue for too long. “For more than twenty years we have been addressing violence against the police, for more than ten years we have been working on an action plan. It is about time that the government finally effectively worked on zero tolerance,” he said.
At the same time, previously, the media, as well as politicians and activists, on the contrary, accused the Belgian police of being too tough on citizens, especially young people participating in protests.

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