Posted: 15.02.2023 14:36:00

Brest Region increased rapeseed oil exports to Poland and China

According to 2022 results, Agroproduct JSC from Kamenets District sharply increased rapeseed oil exports

As noted by Dmitry Gorodetsky, the Deputy Chairman of the Brest Regional Executive Committee, the overall sales to Poland and China rose in 2022 thanks to the enterprise.

“The increase in exports to Poland was provided by Agroproduct JSC: from January-November 2022, sales of rapeseed oil amounted to $91m (a 95.8 percent growth against 2021). Over the same period, the enterprise also increased exports to China 3.2 times, and the increased demand for this product in China made it possible to increase the value of exports 4.6 times,” Mr. Gorodetsky explained.