Posted: 29.11.2023 09:53:00

Bolivian FM to pledge efforts toward BRICS membership

Bolivia’s new Foreign Minister Celinda Sosa, who was appointed by the country’s President Luis Arce on November 27th, pledged to push for the accession to BRICS in her inaugural speech, TASS reports


As Celinda Sosa noted, the ‘Foreign Ministry will continue working toward Bolivia’s joining BRICS as a full-fledged member as well as activating new mechanisms of financial integration between countries of the Global South which would reduce dependence on the US Dollar’.

It is reported that before Sosa’s appointment, the Foreign Ministry was temporarily headed by Maria Nela Prada, the minister of the presidency. Previous Foreign Minister Rogelio Mayta stepped down on November 15th to become a member of the Court of Justice of the Andean Community.

In July 2023, Mayta reported that Arce had officially notified BRICS of his country’s desire to join the bloc.