Posted: 05.12.2022 13:12:00

Belarus’ Healthcare Minister commented upon the country’s readiness for tridemic

Based on the epidemiological situation forecast, the situation in Belarus is under control, and the number of COVID cases is less than three percent against the 2022 peak figures – as informed by Healthcare Minister Dmitry Pinevich in his report to the President


According to the Healthcare Minister, there is now a slight increase in cases – mainly, mild and moderate – mostly among unvaccinated persons.

“As it is fashionable to say, the tridemic is approaching now. It combines the flu, coronavirus, and respiratory viruses. We are calm in this regard, because 72 percent of the population have been vaccinated against coronavirus infection in the country. I have analysed [the figure] by studying the WHO documents: it is higher than in Russia, Poland, and the Balkans – not to mention Ukraine. Actually, this is an average European indicator,” Mr. Pinevich said.

By now, 39 percent of Belarusians have been vaccinated against the flu, as well as 60 percent of children of the vulnerable group.

“We have taken virtually all preventive measures, by actually avoiding any administrative pressure. A complex of medical measures is being carried out, we do not relax. Medicines are available, and there are quite a lot of them. We have prepared stocks of COVID drugs as well. Our oxygen reserves make more than three months at peak loads,” the Healthcare Minister reported.