Posted: 19.04.2024 14:11:00

62 special operations soldiers joined maroon beret brotherhood of Belarus

Qualification tests for the right to wear a maroon beret completed in internal troops of Belarus’ Interior Ministry

Summing up the results at an awarding ceremony for new members of the maroon beret brotherhood, Major General Nikolai Karpenkov, Belarus’ Deputy Interior Minister and Commander of the Internal Troops, emphasised, “These have been the 62nd qualification tests, and 62 people have completed them – which is symbolic! Nothing has been done intentionally for such a result. That was probably a God’s will that it has worked out that way and 62 men passed the exam.”

Commenting on the number of those who had successfully passed the difficult tests (62 out of 81), the Major General noted, “We have put a lot of effort into our combat and special training this year, and the successful completion of the maroon beret tests by 62 people confirms that all of us are working in the right direction within our troops in terms of combat and special training.”

The sought-for berets were presented to the best of the best at military unit No. 3214 by Hero of Russia Sergei Lysyuk. The retired Colonel, who was a founder of the maroon beret brotherhood in times of the Soviet Union, arrived in Minsk to participate in the event and congratulate the winners.

Among those who joined the ranks of the Belarusian maroon beret holders were servicemen of the internal troops (including from the newly created special forces units), cadets from the Faculty of the Internal Troops of the Military Academy, and the riot police representatives of Minsk, Vitebsk and Brest.