Young and wet behind the ears

Rating of the most promising young Belarusian football players
The world football championship eclipsed all more or less important developments on the planet for a month. Billions of fans watched football fields of Germany for entire June and early July. There were many talks and discussions, forecasts and assumptions: who will become the champion, who will score most, who is the best of the best? Naturally new stars were born: The world championship presented the football community with a constellation of new promising young players, whose names will shape the football trends in the near future N. However, one would like to talk not about them but about persons more earthly, but still interesting. The Belarusian football championship was one of the few (practically the only one), which did not cease for the mondiale time and continued to go ahead. And trust me, Belarus has enough talented youth as well. Today we will introduce you to the best of them, to those, who, in our opinion, has every chance to approach the mastery of the recognised world football stars such as Alexander Gleb, Sergei Gurenko, Maksin Romashin, Valentin Belkevich…

The Belarusian championship is certainly not the strongest in Europe. It does not involve skyrocketing salaries and therefore star players. Teams are mainly reliant on young ones. The teams raise their own players, hoping in the future they will make their clubs as famous as for example Paolo Maldini made Milan. A good example is the leader of Belarusian football, its flagship Minsk’s Dinamo. In recent years this team became a kind of supplier of talents, kind of Belarusian Ajax, which produces a dozen new names every year. At present many potential stars start their journey into the big football as part of the Dinamo team. There are both half-defence and forward stars. However there is time for everything. We introduce you to a peculiar dream team compiled of such child prodigies. god grant in five years their talents will sparkle at world stadiums…

Naturally the goalkeeper is the one, the only Artur Lesko of Minsk’s Dinamo. The expression: goalkeeper is half the team was undoubtedly made for him. Early this season Artur got a little injury and was forced to skip several games. The championship leader was seriously thrashed during these games. However, the situation started improving when this 21-year-old football player joined the game. In matches when Lesko keep the Dinamo’s goals the Minsk team did not let a single goal pass!

The Dinamo team has worthy defence players as well. As of today Kirill Pavlyuchek is the most promising defence player in the entire Belarusian football. Big, in good shape and a magnificent feel of position, he is apart from all that is very goaly, which is very important for modern football. This spring during Olympic team matches Pavlyuchek managed to score three times in one game. Sometimes he excels during the national championship. To cut the story short, this guy is irreplaceable as centre back.
We will give the left back position to another Dinamo player Sergei Kontsevoi. He is not a star yet, but acts reliably and confidently. Undoubtedly Sergei has every chance to become a master.

The second centre back in our experimental team will be representative of the current champion of the country Soligorsk’s Shakhter. Pavel Plaskonnyi learnt the basics of football in Moscow Lokomotiv, was close to entering the main team, but due to certain reasons was forced to leave this famous club. Now Shakhter’s trainers are glad they got him: it is he who cements the defence play of the team.

And, at last the right back role we give to another Dinamo representative Yan Tigorev. A surprisingly mobile football player, capable of defending the entire right half of the field. Stable performance both in attack and defence.

The middle line positions are filled by Dinamo players as well. Even today fans come to stadiums to see Sergei Kislyak, Anton Putilo and Sergei Gigevich play. And if the last two have not been promoted to the leading roles in the team, 18-year-old Kislyak has been a leader of the team for the second year. Specialists unanimously admit that god gave magnificent understanding of the game, soft Brazilian technique and outstanding blows to the guy. Penalties he delivers are something worth seeing! They are often compared to strikes by legendary Michel Platini!

Borisov’s BATE player Sergei Krivets will join the halfback line of the Dinamo team. He is not as prominent as Kislyak, but they say a great future lays ahead of him.

Now it is time for the forwards. It is they who as a rule are loved by fans, applauded by stadiums. Their goals decide the destiny of matches. Again Minsk Dinamo’s Leonid Kovel is the commonly recognised most talented forward in the country today. A player of the national team he has powerful strikes, goal feel, and astounding speed and stability. It may be the key quality of Kovel: catch him and take him down is practically unreal. English Arsenal sets cap for Kovel — isn’t it a proof of his brilliant future?

Sergei Kislyi of Minsk MTZ-RIPO will join the attack. The guy progresses every year and promises to grow into a high level powerful forward player. That what we want him to do.

Such is the appealing team of ours. And who knows maybe in the nearest future along with Krishtianu Ronaldu, Robinjo or Fabregas the names of Belarusian stars will appear. Trust me they are worth it.

by Sergei Komarov
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