Wunderkind from grade 11G unequalled

Mogilev Lyceum (Belarusian-Russian University) student Kirill Bukato wins prestigious 15th International Constellation of Talents Contest

“I’m pleased that my scientific artistry has been so highly acknowledged,” says Kirill. “I’m in love with physics and am now interested in two projects: studying the growth of crystals — such as diamonds — and searching for alternative energy sources. We’ve named our small device a Kelvin’s dripper, since it generates electricity from dripping water.”


On November 30th, Kirill Bukato is to travel to St. Petersburg to attend a solemn awards ceremony, hosted by the Russian Academy of Sciences’ House of Scientists. However, the award is not the only acknowledgement of the young physicist’s achievements, as he has also won a 1st degree diploma from the Russian scientific conference for schoolchildren: Revelation. Additionally, he has been given a special diploma from the Sakharov’s Readings international scientific conference and a 2nd degree diploma from Moscow’s Scientists of the Future-2010 contest (for senior schoolchildren).


Kirill has recently been invited to apply for a scholarship from the newly established Young Talents’ Support Fund, set up by Nobel Prize laureate Zhores Alferov.

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