Warm greeting from the East will bear fruit

Belarus and China actively developing strategic partnership, as confirmed by President Alexander Lukashenko and member of Chinese State Council Meng Jianzhu, a member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and Secretary of the Commission for Political and Legal Affairs of the CPC Central Committee
“I believe that your visit, as special representative of the Head of the People’s Republic of China, will open a new page in our intensive consultations and relations,” noted the President of Belarus, on meeting his colleague. He notes that Belarus and China agree on prospects for global development. The Head of State added that China leads in the struggle for a multi-polar world: a position to which Belarus adheres, according to the President. “We’ve always supported and will continue to support China’s territorial integrity, and we’ll resist together any attack, from Western forces, on human rights or on other spheres. This topic is familiar to us.”

Mr. Lukashenko also noted that, in respect of political issues between Belarus and China, we share ‘good relations and common views’. He hopes to see our mutual trade and economic relations, including those in financial spheres, developed more dynamically. Emphasising interest in direct investments, he commented, “We’d like to see China more actively investing direct capital in the economy of Belarus, developing this direction.”

Belarus and China have already defined particular directions of co-operation, including building the Chinese-Belarusian Industrial Park in Belarus, for hi-tech enterprises. The President stressed, “Please tell my good friend Xi Jinping that we are committed to the spirit of these relations, as are being developed today.” Mr. Meng Jianzhu responded that China is eager to promote bilateral co-operation further and conveyed sincere greetings from the Head of the People’s Republic of China, ‘who highly appreciates the major achievements evident, following the visit of the President of Belarus to China this summer’. He added, “The Head of the People’s Republic of China also appreciates your offer to strengthen co-operation in the sphere of safety of information exchange.” He noted that his trip to Minsk, at the order of the Head of the People’s Republic of China, aimed to further develop the strategic partnership enjoyed by our states.
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