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Very welcoming hosts

Motol’s House of Culture, in the Ivanovo District, not only hosts various ‘hobby clubs’ but is a major hub of the Brest Region’s Plan for Sustainable Development of Rural Tourism and Business
By Valentina Krichevskaya

Receiving funding from the European Union and the Eurasia Foundation, six such centres are planned for Belarus; the second is to appear soon in the village of Zheludok in the Grodno Region. Motol’s House of Culture is a venue recognising residents’ true talents, which are worthy of being shared. 

The village recently celebrated its 590th anniversary (of historical mention) and its 5th Motol Delicacies Food Festival, which was not only spectacular but rich in delicacies. Tonnes of sausages and fish prepared by local cooks were served and there was a very long queue for the cheese rolls from the neighbouring village of Psyshchevo. In one local Motol cafe, guests ordered aromatic Chorba soup  an Eastern dish long adopted by Motol.

The Israeli Ambassador to Belarus, H.E. Mr. Yosef Shagal, praised the event, saying, “I never dreamed of finding myself here; it is a gift from Fate for me as an Israeli historian. I’d love my countrymen to visit Motol, seeing where the first President of Israel, Chaim Weizmann, was born, and feeling the atmosphere here.”

Other guests clearly enjoyed the festival, arriving from across Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Estonia.
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