Valuable Electronic Edition

The compact disc “Nesvizh: Cultural Centre of Europe and National Monument” presented as a stage of important work
Modern technologies make it possible to restore and bring together the rich cultural heritage of the Republic of Belarus scattered around the whole Europe, the Chairman of the National Commission of the Republic of Belarus for UNESCO, Vladimir Schastnyi, was quoted as saying at the presentation of the compact disc “Nesvizh: Cultural Centre of Europe and National Monument” that was held at the National Scientific Library of the National Academy of Sciences.

The electronic edition is the beginning of a great work on the restitution of the country’s spiritual and cultural heritage.

The example of Nesvizh, the town where the first Belarusian book was published, as well as the museum and archive documents of Radzivill prince dynasty convince everyone of the uniqueness of this heritage.

The National Archive alone contains more than 26 thousand Radzivill dynasty’s documents reflecting the spiritual aspirations of the European society in the Enlightenment epoch, the characteristic features of which are the interest towards natural sciences, philosophy and history, literature and art. The compact disc has a detailed reflection of the history of urban development and tells of the lost architectural monuments. A separate section of it is devoted to the history of Nesvizh branch of Radzivill dynasty.
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