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Passengers will be able to buy travel cards prior to the day needed

Travel cards more convenient

Minsk’s transport workers aiming to eliminate queues at metro and Minsktrans offices early each month, with travel cards issued for ten days, two weeks or a month

Minsktrans explains that the new longer duration travel cards will be ready to use as soon as they are activated, and will come on sale in late 2015. Moreover, passengers will be able to buy travel cards prior to the day needed, making the process convenient, and not reliant on a particular calendar date.

It’s quite possible that, in future, payment will depend not on distance travelled but on time spent travelling. Accordingly, passengers would only need to scan their cards once, on entering public transport. Short-term travel cards could be valid for 30 minutes, an hour or 24 hours.

By Dmitry Amichkov
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