Top-5 of unusual museums of Minsk

Top-5 of unusual museums of Minsk
Museum of Stones
(Uruchie Microdistrict, Shugaev and Academic Kuprevich streets)

The exhibits here are not hidden under glass and it is possible to touch them without being afraid of an alarm system going off. More than two thousand stones of different sizes and forms are exhibited in the open-air. It is curious to note that they are not simply scattered across the park, but placed in the form of a map of Belarus.

Exhibition of the Avant-gARTe. From Square to Object project

(4 Botanicheskaya Street)

This unusual museum, located in a tram that was presented to Minsk by residents of Leningrad in 1959, acquaints one with the history of the tram service in the capital and its pioneers. Among the exhibits are a uniform coat of the first tram driver, Alexey Borisov, fragments of rails on which horse-drawn trams ran during the 19th century and about two hundred historical pictures and many other things.

Oceanography Centre
(3 Brilevskaya Street)

Even in Belarus it is possible to travel by water. The oceanography centre — Open Ocean — is divided into five ocean-halls with unusual exhibits and inhabitants: fire-fish, sheat-fish, anemones and others. Recently, a crab named Petrovich moved here and it is said that this crab will predict the results of the games of the Ice Hockey World Championship.

Museum of Beer in MinskMuseum of Money of National Bank of Belarus
(6 Krasnoarmeiskaya Street)

The museum is interesting not only to currency collectors. Here, visitors can see rare Byzantine coins of 10-11th centuries, a leather purse in which were found 127 coins of Golden Horde, collections of money from Prague, Western European thalers, Spanish reals and many other things.

Museum of Beer in Minsk

(30 Kiselev Street)

The Museum of Beer of the Alivaria Brewery will definitely be to the hockey fans’ liking, many of whom are certainly big fans of beer. Visitors to the museum will learn how beer is made, how to correctly use this product, and how it matches various dishes. They could even participate in the process of preparation of this beverage.
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