Time to assess the system

Meeting with President devoted to improving education system
Talks aim to draw on expertise not only of industrial and ministry leaders, but representatives of science and school and kindergarten teachers. Mr. Lukashenko has urged that final reforms be made in time for the next educational year.

In the electronic library of Vitebsk Medical University

The President has spoken previously on provision of places for pre-school children, as well as vocational courses aimed at industry needs, and raising the efficiency and relevance of our system, and the accompanying organisations: methodical centres, structures of education, and technical and economic services. Textbook quality has also been discussed, with experts debating the best path forward. Each stage of education should flow naturally into the next, with any reform promoting this rather than hindering.

The Belarusian educational system is strong, having been built on the legacy of Soviet times, but delicate transformation is now in focus. We cannot afford to lose our accumulated experience, but we must move with the times.

The Deputy Prime Minister, Natalia Kochanova, tells us that heads of the Education Ministry have been liaising with school and kindergarten teachers and educational establishments’ directors. She herself has chatted with staff at kindergartens, primary schools, secondary special and professional-technical establishments, and universities, as well as attending classes (usually without notice). She feels comfortable in saying that standards are good, and worthy of building upon.

In short, the Government and the Education Ministry are aware of problems and have plans of solution.

By Victor Mikhailov
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