The source of life

Who takes care of the great water riches of the Minsk region?

March, 22 has been observed globally as World Water Day since 1993. This year it was celebrated for the 20th time, so it can be considered sort of a jubilee. In addition, 2013 was declared the International Year of Water Cooperation by the UN General Assembly.

There are 500 rivers and streams, about 400 channels, more than 500 lakes, and many springs in the Minsk region. Mighty Neman, Berezina, and Vilia rivers as well as beautiful Naroch, Svir, and Selyava lakes are among them. Who takes care of this great water riches?

«Our primary task is to exercise state control over the use and protection of water, — Leonid Shakhlevich, head of the Minsk Regional Committee of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, says. — And we are doing that in close contact with many other bodies like regional and district centers of hygiene and epidemiology, prosecutor’s office and road police».

Great attention is paid to the implementation of the Clean Water governmental program. Much work has been done on the construction and reconstruction of sewerage systems on 8 large objects. Documentation has been developed for reconstruction of water treatment facilities in Kletsk, systems of sewerage in Kopyl, Krupki and Uzda.

«Today Minsk and Minsk region are the largest users of water in the country. The responsibility for the preservation of water as an important natural resource lies on all without exception, from environmental agencies to every single person», — Leonid Shakhlevich says.

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