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Space conquerors in Kosmonavtov Street

Ivan Misko continues his work on sculpting cosmonaut Oleg Novitsky
“Today, I’m finishing my sculptural portrait of Oleg Novitsky: the third Belarusian in space, travelling with the crew of the International Space Station. I’ll try to complete it this year, or maybe next,” Ivan Misko tells us.

Speaking at a press conference in Minsk, the People’s Artist of Belarus detailed the nature of the new sculpture, which is destined for Kosmonavtov Street, and added, “We’re making an avenue in which all the cosmonauts coming to Minsk can plant a tree. There are also plans to erect a bas-relief in honour of Piotr Klimuk, Vladimir Kovalenok and Oleg Novitsky.”

He is preparing a great exhibition for Cosmonautics Day, on 12th April, 2014, admitting, “I really want this exhibition to visit Star City.” Over the years, Mr. Misko has created sculptural portraits of Belarusian cosmonauts Piotr Klimuk and Vladimir Kovalenok, and commemorative plaques in honour of spacecraft designer Sergey Korolev and the first cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin. Cosmonauts from Poland, Cuba, Romania, Mongolia, France, Germany, Bulgaria, Syria, Britain, Vietnam, Austria, Japan, Afghanistan, and India have also posed for Ivan Misko.
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