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Belarusian Information and Cultural Centre opens in Islamabad

Result of joint agreements

Belarusian Information and Cultural Centre opens in Islamabad

This is one of the first Belarusian-Pakistani projects, implemented due to the agreements, reached between the two states. The centre was set up with an aim to develop mutually beneficial co-operation in cultural, humanitarian, economic, sci-tech, educational, tourist and information spheres.

Meanwhile, the Pakistani Information and Cultural Centre is to be opened in Minsk, notes Belarus’ Prime Minister, Andrei Kobyakov, during a solemn opening ceremony of the Belarusian Information and Cultural Centre in the National Library of Pakistan.

“Together with Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, we’ve agreed that a similar Pakistani centre will be opened at the National library of Belarus in the nearest time,” notes Mr. Kobyakov.

He assured that the Belarusian leadership will do everything necessary to open the centre as soon as our Pakistani partners are ready for this.

By Alexey Fedotov
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