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Rechitsa Textile lands prestigious Armani contract

Rechitsa Textile JSC supplies trial batch to USA

By Valery Sidorov

The enterprise has sent 500 towelling robes to the USA, sewn to order using American Armani’s patterns. “It’s prestigious for us to work for such a well-known brand,” asserts Rechitsa Textile’s Director General, Victor Kondratiev. “This recognises our technical and professional level, while showing our good prospects for export.”

Belarusian textiles are already successfully sold in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Armenia and the Baltic States, and co-operation with partners from Mongolia has begun. International collaboration is hoped for following participation in one of the largest textile forums: Heimtextil-2012 International Trade Fair for Home and Contract Textiles. This is scheduled to be hosted by Frankfurt-am-Main in January 2012. Rechitsa Textile plans to present its collection of linen clothes.

The manufacture of competitive produce has become possible due to complete reconstruction of the enterprise, conducted over the last five years. According to Mr. Kondratiev, next year, after new equipment comes into operation on the dyeing floor, the modernisation of the company will be complete. In fact, 12 times more money has been invested in the past five years than over the previous five, showing the scale of the work.

Rechitsa Textile JSC is part of Belneftekhim Concern, manufacturing towels, bed sheets, napkins and towelling robes, as well as table cloths, table and decorative sets, bed covers, blankets and tapestry pieces.

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