Queen of the Orchestra

The leading singer of the State Concert Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus Natalya Tamelo: new album and concert
Natalya Tamelo has been the leading female singer of the orchestra for 12 years now. She has plenty of fans and many personal projects. Twelve years ago she was just a young promising vocalist. Now Natalya is a diva nurtured in one of the best orchestras of the country led by maestro Mikhail Finberg. Tamelo’s songs and videos are in every live concert, show or gala. Her striking image may change to pleasantly surprise her fans, but her beautiful voice is always the same.

Natalya often holds rehearsals with younger singers of her orchestra, as she is an experienced choir conductor. Besides, the fans are aware of her abilities as a composer. Half of the songs from the previous Album “Dozhdis” (Wait For Me), which hit the charts in Belarus, were written by Natalya herself. The same happened to the new album, which is being prepared by Natalya and well-known composer Leonid Shirin.

Tamelo’s wedding has been one of the most discussed topics in this year’s society columns. They had tested their relations for six years before finally making up their minds. The wedding has been one of the most awesome parties of the year, with star guests, fireworks and limousines.

The way Tamelo is getting ready to become a mother is widely discussed in the Belarusian realm of pop music. Larisa Gribalyova, one of Tamelo’s closest friends, has a two-child head start. “Oh yes, I always think about the kids, and I will try my best not to disappoint my parents, who yearn for grandchildren. My husband and I have decided that nothing can prevent us from extending our family a bit.”

The orchestra is now selecting songs for Natalya’s concert in the main hall of the country, the Palace of the Republic. She will start rehearsing right after Christmas. Taking part in the concert will be numerous friends of Tamelo, Belarus’s best-known singers whose career started in the Finberg orchestra.
The new album of the singer will be out after the concert, and a video will follow.

One of Tamelo’s wildest dreams is to take part in the Eurovision song contest. She will take part in the national qualifiers once again. Tamelo’s secret is that she has got a 100% hit.

Anna Shadrina
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