Positive interest of Europe and Belarus

Belarus has turned into a stable bridge between the EU and EAEU, notes Doctor of Political Science and Professor at the University of Kent, Richard Sakwa (UK), on Belarus 1 TV Channel

“We all see how the titanic plates of the European and Eurasian economic unions are getting apart. Nevertheless, Belarus has not become a new division line. On the contrary, it has become a stable bridge between the two unions. Hence the positive interest of Europe towards Belarus,” Richard Sakwa believes.

According to the political scientist, ‘over the past couple of years, Belarus has become one of the main mediators between the west and the east in Europe while the image of Alexander Lukashenko has made an amazing transformation from ‘Europe’s last dictator’ into a political figure promoting the Ukrainian peaceful settlement’. “And if the former is a propaganda cliché, the latter one is a political reality,” states the expert.
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