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Physical disability no obstacle to art

House of Government showcases exhibition by Anatoly Golushko — an amateur artist from the Brest Region’s Ivatsevichi

District and a member of an international organisation of physically challenged artists who don’t use their hands to draw
Especially for the show, the artist painted 27 works — all devoted to Belarus’ unique landscapes. As the Chairman of the Belarusian National Assembly’s House of Representatives, Vladimir Andreichenko, notes, the show is unique in featuring pictures drawn by an artist with mobility difficulties. “Anatoly Golushko remains eager to experience life and do good, regardless of the hand fate has dealt him. His canvases are inspired by these feelings, being full of warmth, light and love for his homeland,” stresses Mr. Andreichenko, adding that some of the pictures have been bought by House of Representatives’ deputies and members of the Council of the Republic and the Government. He adds that Mr. Golushko’s attitude to life is admired by the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko.

The First Deputy Head of the Administration of Belarus’ President, Alexander Radkov, greeted Mr. Golushko’s relatives — who attended the show’s opening — on behalf of the President. He noted that Mr. Lukashenko sincerely admires the bravery demonstrated by Mr. Golushko. “Different situations occur in life but it’s important to remain positive — working and purposeful. If you believe in your ability to make a difference, and don’t lose heart or hope, you’ll be successful,” Mr. Radkov is convinced. On behalf of the President, he gave a gift to the artist’s sister, Svetlana Tavtyn.

In his youth, Mr. Golushko dreamt of becoming a sailor and even entered the Kaliningrad Marine College. Sadly, an accident destroyed all his dreams at the age of 17, when he hurt his spine, losing movement from the neck down. Despite life’s hardships, he has spent two decades living life as fully as he can. He holds his paintbrush in his teeth, creating pictures full of love for his homeland; many are accompanied by his own poetry.

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