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Peace and stability are the major achievements of sovereign Belarus

Belarus’ reliable system of national security allows us to react promptly to challenges and threats, notes Alexander Lukashenko, speaking on February 23rd to senior personnel of the Armed Forces and law enforcement bodies, on the occasion of the Day of Fatherland Defenders and the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus
By Vladimir Khromov

The President underlined that this holiday is one of the most respected countrywide, honouring not only our heroic history but offering our sincere gratitude to those who devoted their lives to protecting the Motherland. Self-sacrificing military work has always been worthy of deep respect, as commemorated on the Day of Fatherland Defenders.

Mr. Lukashenko emphasised that, on the 70th anniversary of Belarus’ liberation from the Nazis, it is appropriate to underline that hundreds of thousands of those born on Belarusian lands rose to protect them in that sacred struggle against the aggressor. Army soldiers took the main burden of fighting, showing extreme valour, firmness of moral spirit and self-sacrificing love for their country. Their courage broke the back of the Fascists, bringing victory not only to Belarus, but to all Europe.

The President noted that our courageous people, having steadily endured the burdens of war and occupation, remained unsubdued, refusing to be enslaved. “The idea of a generation of winners is our guiding motto in creating, protecting and developing our sovereign state,” said the Belarusian leader.

“I’ve said it more than once and now want to emphasise again that we are building a peaceful, independent state so that our people will never be under anyone’s lash. It is my main objective as head of state. An important factor in achieving this is our well trained Armed Forces and competent law enforcement bodies, who we call upon to provide defence for our country and socio-political stability in society.”

The President believes that Belarus’ geographical position and open economy cannot fail to be influenced by major global geopolitical processes. “Our foreign and domestic policy must be coherent, allowing us to protect Belarus from negative phenomena, and to prevent a split in society, or the coming of anarchy. We’ll anticipate any enemy’s feeble efforts,” Mr. Lukashenko stressed.

On the Day of Fatherland Defenders and the Armed Forces, the President of Belarus also placed a garland at the Victory Monument in Minsk.
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