Passports issued at age of 14

Passport age falls from 16 to 14 years in Belarus
By Igor Ivanishin

In line with a Presidential decree, administrative procedures conducted by state bodies and other organisations have been updated, aiming to simplify public services. Those residing temporarily in Belarus will gain equal rights with Belarusians permanently residing abroad regarding the right to receive a driver’s license and to register vehicles in Belarus. Foreigners living in Belarus permanently will also be able to purchase and keep guns for the purpose of hunting and those living in Belarus temporarily will be able to purchase guns in Belarus, while being able to export and import them.

The decree also reduces the age at which Belarusian citizens will be able to receive a passport: from 16 to 14 years (enhancing 14 and 15 year olds’ ability to realise legal rights). The document also envisages quicker state registration of property, allowing transactions to take place more promptly.
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