Passport for Your Four-Footed Friend

Animals get a hypodermic microchip implanted under their skin
Biometrical documents are no longer science fiction. But while Belarusians are going to get such passports only in two years, cats and dogs can get electronic certificates — hypodermic microchips — as early as today.
About a hundred of pet-owners have already made use of the service. Among them there are mostly owners of elite breed animals who fear that someone may replace their nurslings. And some people just want to be insured against the potential “escape” of their four-footed friends. The number of the microchip is included in the electronic database together with full information about the animal and its owner’s address and phone number. People who find a lost dog in the street can apply to the veterinarians to check whether it has a chip. A special scanner will “read” the digital code and the pet’s owner will be found within several minutes.
The chip has one more function: the owner who has had his pet implanted a microchip will never give it the key of the street. And responsibility for “what one has tamed” will definitely increase.

By the way

Nowadays microchips are implanted in Minsk only. But next year this service will become available to other regional centres’ residents. The information about the animals and their owners will be compiled to one centralized database.
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