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Painting and sculpture in poetic transfiguration

Beautiful works by Belarus-born Larissa Noury, currently living in France, to be presented in fascinating show in Paris, on Christmas Eve
Montmartre is hosting the show, under the title Mineral-Sideral (translated as ‘mineral-stars’). The pictorial and sculptural exhibition implies the poetic transformation of minerals into constellations: a theme uniting works by Larissa Noury and Cecil d’Estienne.

Larissa Noury’s creations use various techniques: from traditional oil painting to contemporary methods using mineral pigments and silk-screen printing. Her canvas and velvet silk works are a beautiful complement to the bronze sculptures of famous Cecil d’Estienne — who is also a poet. Both artists hold silver medals awarded by the French Art-Science-Literature Academic Society.

Over 30 paintings and 10 sculptures will be on display in Paris, exploring man’s desire to reach out to the constellations, embracing that which is beyond understanding, uniting reality with dreams.
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