Optimistic views on trade

On meeting Belarus’ Prime Minister, Mikhail Myasnikovich, at the Council of Ministers of the Union State session, Russia’s Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, notes that Belarus and Russia boast significant potential to raise turnover this year, exceeding the 2008 pre-crisis level

Analysing trends in bilateral trade, Mr. Putin positively assessed the situation. In 2010, our bilateral trade was on the rise and, from January-June 2011, it reached $17.6bn. According to the Chairman of the Russian Government, if this continues, the pre-crisis level of 2008 could be exceeded. Mr. Putin added that Belarus-Russia integration within the Union State is yielding fruit, although some issues require further attention.

Mr. Myasnikovich noted that our two states are planning various joint sci-tech programmes and innovative projects, showing a new level of bilateral co-operation.

Russia is Belarus’ major trading partner and, in 2010, accounted for almost half of the Republic’s total foreign trade. Belarus is also among Russia’s main partners, occupying sixth position in its foreign trade — behind China, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Ukraine.

Recently, export and import transactions between our two countries have undergone certain changes. Belarus exports primarily milk and dairy products, meat and meat products, trucks, tractors and tractive units, agricultural vehicles, tyres and furniture, while importing Russian oil, natural gas, oil products, rolled steel, fertilisers, internal combustion engines, electricity and ferrous scrap. In H1 2011, Belarus exported 1,048 products to Russia (against 909 in the same period of 2010).

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