One project after another

Iran’s Kayson to invest 250m euros in Magnit multifunctional hotel and business centre, in Minsk

By Oksana Shikunova



The investment agreement has been signed by Minsk City Executive Committee Chairman Nikolai Ladutko, and Kayson’s Chairman of the Board and Director General, Mohammad Reza Ansari. Mr. Ladutko describes the signing of the document as evidence of Belarus’ great interest in establishing serious business contacts between our two countries. The Mayor is also confident that the move will encourage other Iranian companies to work in Belarus. “Negotiations with other Iranian companies (regarding the construction of hotel and trade complexes in Minsk) will progress faster now,” he adds.

Mr. Reza Ansari says that Kayson plans to employ as many Belarusian builders and manufacturers of industrial products as possible in constructing the Magnit complex. He promises that the site will become a major tourist attraction in Minsk.

Kayson has registered Belpars joint venture to implement projects in Belarus and, at present, the Prilesye transport and logistics centre is being built in the Minsk free economic zone. The Magnit multifunctional hotel and business centre, at the intersection of Minsk’s Nezavisimosti Avenue and Kalinovsky Street, will become another significant investment project implemented by Kayson in Belarus.

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