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Mothers and fathers to gain material support

This year, families with children to receive additional social support

Monthly childcare allowances are to be linked to the average salary countrywide, as announced last year. The Labour and Social Protection Ministry will send the document  to the Government this May, giving mothers up to 35 percent of the average salary on the birth of their first child and up to 40 percent on the arrival of their second. Other positive social measures are also planned.

“A one-off payment is to be made at the beginning of the academic year to those families with three or more children in secondary or special education. It will amount to up to 30 percent of the minimum subsistence budget (as of August 1st of the calendar year),” explains Valentina Koroleva, Belarus’ Deputy Minister for Labour and Social Protection. “Moreover, one parent families and those with disabled children are to be offered short-term child care services. A system of family social patronage is also to be developed, assisting those who find themselves in a difficult situation following the birth of a disabled child.”

From 2013, businesses and individual entrepreneurs are expected to contribute more towards social services (or specific social projects), aiming to enhance the quality and availability of social services. In December, a corresponding draft law was submitted to the House of Representatives regarding the new system.

Speaking of the employment situation, Alexander Rumak, Belarus’ Deputy Minister for Labour and Social Protection, tells us, “We don’t expect to see the situation deteriorate significantly. Unemployment will be within forecast limits. In 2011, we managed to control the situation and preserve our staff. Under the conditions of modernisation of the national economy, the priorities in the field of employment are shifting towards efficient use of labour resources; this ensures economically efficient employment. The steps are made in line with the state  plan for Belarusian population’s employment in 2012 (approved by the Government).

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