More students expected

Belarus’ accession to Bologna Process should boost exports of educational services

The Education Minister, Sergei Maskevich, recently reminded an online conference of the state decision to accede to the Bologna Process. Concrete steps are being taken in this field. According to the official, one of the major results of this accession would be Belarus gaining more recognition within the international educational arena as a country providing high-quality education. “It is very important — perhaps the major reason why we are so interested in accession to the Bologna Process,” Mr. Maskevich noted.

“If transition to European standards worsens the quality of our courses (as could happen for certain fields) we will simply make appropriate adjustments based on national interests,” the Minister stressed.

Contrary to expectations, the accession of Belarus to the Bologna Process will not impact on employment of Belarusian graduates abroad. “Many incorrectly believe that joining the Bologna Process automatically solves issues of employment abroad,” he noted. According to Mr. Maskevich, it’s up to employers to decide whether to recognise the education diploma of a job applicant.

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