More active presence on external markets

Belshina plans to open trading house in Brazil

By Galina Kotova


A new trading house is to expand Belshina’s economic presence in the region, promoting Belarusian tyres in Brazil and other Latin American countries while developing the company’s commodity distribution network. The company has sent a package of registration documents to lawyers in Brazil, with the registration process due to be complete in November.


Belshina believes that Brazil is the most promising and developing market in Latin America and has been supplying its products there since 2002. Sales volumes have been steadily rising, with tyres for haulers, buses, tractors and agricultural machinery the largest of its exports to Brazil. Most of Belshina’s production is sold abroad, with customers in around 60 countries in South and North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and the CIS. From January-August 2010, tyres made up 75 percent of all Belshina’s exports.

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