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Dmitry Koldun wakes up famous
The top Russian TV show “Star Factory-6” names its winner — the Belarusian Dmitry Koldun. The charming Minsk student won the hearts of millions of viewers and polled 37% of their votes, enough to become the first.
A couple of days before the final concert, where the winners were named, Dmitry told reporters he was sure he would not win. His chances were 1/100, he said. “I’m almost sure I won’t win,” the modest Belarusian said. He did not rule out he might get into the top three, though.

Few could have felt more confident: although Dmitry took part in the National Belarusian Song Contest “Molodechno-2005” and International Arts Festival “Slavic Bazaar” in Vitebsk, applied for the place of Belarus’ contestant in the “Eurovision-2006” song contest, hit the top thirty of “People’s Artist” Russian live song show and was one of the finalist of the Belarusian talent show “Star Car”, he never managed to get into the leading position. Besides, he had serious problems with vocal cords before the final concert…

At least one person in Moscow was certain in his victory — Dmitry’s brother Georgy Koldun declared that Dmitry was head and shoulders above everyone else in this issue of “Star Factory”. Besides, Dmitry rarely used pre-recorded sound and preferred being live and honest.

After the ultimate concert in the “Olimpiyski” sports and show center in Moscow Dmitry got back to Minsk. He is quite concerned about being recognized, but he will have to wear sunglasses and a hat only for a week or so, because he has a got a huge concert tour until the end of the year.

— The tour is huge and amazing, he said with pleasure. — In November we will have a city a day — this is so cool it seems impossible.

The student of the chemical school of Belarusian State University Dmitry Koldun now has a beautiful and very expensive guitar — the grand prix of the contest. He also has a drum set, an armchair and hammock from MTV-Russia and a promise from the “Star Factory” producers to help him with a video and an album, so he has what seems to be a nice career ahead of him. He will not return to Belarus at least for some time, though, but Belarusians love Russian and domestic stars alike.

by Irina Petrova
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