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Modernisation needs to target market demand

New poultry plant launches in Mogilev Region 
By Andrey Fiodorov

The new poultry plant is able to raise 18,000 tonnes of poultry annually and is the third Servolux industrial platform in the Mogilev Region.

The Chairman of the Mogilev Regional Executive Committee, Piotr Rudnik, noted at the opening ceremony of the new site, “This modern-built complex for breeding and fattening chicken-broilers in the village of Lezhnevka, using the latest technologies, is able to achieve serious savings in fuel and energy use, seeing the highest weight gains in the country. Its produce has a fast turnover and is competitive.”

Mr. Rudnik notes that Servolux is a great example to the rest of the branch of how modernisation brings benefits. Last year, the company generated over Br1 trillion in revenue, bringing its average monthly salary by January 2014 to over Br6.5 million (above average for the region). “As new capacities come into operation, salaries should rise even more for our employees.” A regional programme to increase poultry livestock is being successfully realised, with Mr. Rudnik noting that, ten years ago, the Mogilev District was in last place in this respect but is now an indisputable leader. 

The Director General of the company, Yevgeny Baskin, underlines that such swift development, with expanding capacity, is in response to market demand and growing competition. “Since the creation of this branch of our company, we’ve invested about $100 million into development, modernisation and manufacturing. We’ve created new industrial infrastructure on breeding and processing of chicken-broilers for meat — such as is not found anywhere else in Belarus.”

Last year, the enterprise, located at the old Mogilev broiler poultry plant, produced over 56,000 tonnes of poultry, generating $30m of export revenue. Mr. Baskin stresses that the company plans to further increase exports to Russia, and to master new markets.
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