Minsk’s latest tourist guide

Belarusian capital presented as contemporary European city, offering delicious cuisine, comfortable accommodation and rich historical and cultural legacy in recently published guide

The edition invites tourists to promenade Troitsky Suburbs and Svobody Square, to visit the Holy Spirit Cathedral and St. Simeon and St. Helen’s Catholic Church, as well as seeing Minsk-Arena and the National Library. The ‘Wonderful Minsk’ route takes you from the Railway Square to the Lower Town.

Those who enjoy sports can play tennis, go swimming or try carting. You can even take a helicopter ride or make a parachute jump. Moreover, the guide recommends buying souvenir craft items: those made from straw and linen, and embroidered napkins and cloths.

One chapter is dedicated to sites surrounding Minsk: travellers are invited to see Rakov, Zaslavl, Ratomka and Khatyn. The Museum of Folk Life in Ozertso and that in Dudutki are also highly recommended, alongside the Raubichi and Silichi ski centres, and Yakutskie Mountains Active Leisure Park.

The guide allows those unfamiliar with the city to tour independently and, being pocket sized, is easily portable.

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